Aluminium Doors Dubai

Aluminium Doors Dubai

Aluminium doors in Dubai, which serve as both an entrance and an exit, can create a lasting effect on those who pass through them. JA Alum Glass has been providing customised aluminium glazed door solutions built in Dubai from locally sourced materials for over a decade

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We have finished most of the main project, and completed a few more that had various side-quest objectives. 

Aluminium Doors Dubai

Aluminium doors in Dubai, which serve as both an entrance and an exit, can create a lasting effect on those who pass through them. JA Alum Glass has been providing customised aluminium glazed door solutions built in Dubai from locally sourced materials for over a decade. The concept is straightforward: to design a door that stands out from the crowd and endures the test of time. JA Alum Glass offers a variety of architectural-grade commercial door systems, which are detailed below.

Highly Sought-After Architectural Aluminium Doors Dubai

In Dubai, JA Alum Glass is highly sought after for its outstanding Aluminium door work. Our visually appealing designs are manufactured by a team with over twenty-five years of industry experience. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer an extensive guarantee for your peace of mind. For a free estimate on Aluminium doors Company in Dubai that are both durable and fashionable, please discuss your project and aesthetic preferences with our friendly staff.

Durable Commercial Aluminium Doors Dubai

Whether your project is a huge commercial construction or a simple storefront, JA Alum Glass offers a complete fabrication and glazing service for aluminium doors Dubai that is adapted to your specifications. Throughout the life of the project, we work closely with builders and architects to guarantee that our aluminium commercial doors are fitted accurately and on schedule. Our Commercial Aluminium doors in Dubai have a unique blend of compliance, durability, and beauty that will enhance the appearance of your building’s façade.

  • Bifold Doors
  • Stackable and Sliding Doors
  • Cavity Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Frameless Glass Bifold Doors
  • Hinge Doors
  • Pivot Doors
  • Aluminium Thermally Broken Frames

Bifold Doors Dubai

Suitable for Any Space

Our bespoke bifold Aluminium doors Dubai feature perimeter framing of the highest architectural and commercial quality along with door stiles that have been specifically created with huge floor to ceiling applications in mind.

Our designs come in a wide variety of layouts and may be customised to open either inwards or outwards. For easy and trouble-free operation, they use top-rolling Weatherseal Technology, feature flush floor sill choices, and are weather-sealed.

Take the Outside Inside

The removal of barriers by custom Aluminium bifold doors Dubai entirely facilitates easy movement between indoor and outdoor regions, altering living spaces in the process.

When closed, the doors function as strong, impenetrable walls that let light pass through while folding neatly to the side when they are open. In both residential and commercial settings, framed bifold doors are a fantastic replacement for conventional door components.

View the gallery below to see the full impact that our outdoor bifold doors Dubai+ are capable of.

Stackable and Sliding Doors Dubai

Expansive Openings

These frames are created with the architecture and climate of Dubai in mind. As a result, they enable the creation of vast openings without sacrificing weather performance, durability, or aesthetics.

Our stacker Aluminium doors Dubai are available with a variety of options, such as flush floor sills and a broad assortment of handles, since we custom-make all of our goods in Dubai and utilise only the finest hardware.

Endless Views

Our aluminium sliding and stackable doors are designed to facilitate a seamless transition between interior and outdoor living by permitting broad, sweeping openings.

When closed, the low-profile frames do not hinder your view and provide the maximum amount of natural light to enter. The gallery that follows illustrates the architectural quality that these doors can attain in both residential and commercial contexts is presented.

Cavity Sliding Doors Dubai


We manufacture high-quality architectural Cavity Sliding Doors for projects with space constraints.

Cavity sliders don’t require a minimum opening clearance, so they occupy less space. They’re great for tight spaces.

Cavity Sliders allow large, unimpeded vistas to indoor and outdoor environments.

They’re ideal for Dubai homes and businesses.

Innovation Hidden

Cavity Sliders allow your door to glide inside a hidden framed cavity pocket rather than protrude out or stack.

They create an open and seamless flow throughout your home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and living areas. This lets you combine or divide rooms.

Cavity Sliders promote accessibility for impaired users and those with reduced mobility; they may be opened to any width and there’s no need to manoeuvre around an open door.

Automatic Sliding Doors Dubai


Our automatic sliding Aluminium doors Dubai are compact, durable, and fit any building.

Office complexes, shopping malls, apartments, and even the family home. Our Dubai factory makes custom doors to fit your project’s architecture. We make lightweight panels for medium traffic regions and heavy duty panels for high density, continuous traffic.

Our automatic Aluminium doors come in many configurations and styles to meet your demands. We offer framed and frameless automatic sliding doors, hinge doors, rotating doors, and bi-folding auto doors.

Our doors offer various control and safety choices for user safety. These doors use a brush-less motor, manual switches, infrared motion sensors, and an electric locking mechanism.

These battery-powered doors are designed to automatically open after a power failure, fire alarm, or other emergency.

The microprocessor controller allows the Aluminium doors to “self-learn” to reverse, halt with delay (including at a low speed), or try continuously to close when sensing obstacle. Our automatic doors are safe for daycares and elderly homes.

We can make a door for your structure that can carry up to 500kg per leaf (conditions apply). Our automatic entrances are reliable, safe, secure, and economical for commercial and residential applications.

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